You may not realise it but potential employers could be looking at your social media profiles when shortlisting for job roles. Anything you post on the internet could be publicly available to view unless specifically stated otherwise.

There are a few things to be aware of to maintain professionalism and to make sure you give the right impression.

Your profile photo – Even if you set your Facebook account so that only your friends can see your info, your profile picture and your cover photo will still be visible publicly.  Be aware of the photos you use across all your social networks to avoid giving the wrong impression to potential employers.

Posting negative things about other people – If you have a disagreement with a colleague or you want to vent about a situation or someone you know, it may be best to leave this off social media. If the posts are visible publicly, potential employers are likely be put off by this.

Posting negative things about you current job –  Posting online about what you dislike about your current job is not going to be viewed favourably. Employers will view this negatively and are unlikely to take your application any further.

Complaining about your hours – You may dislike early morning starts or working weekends, however mentioning this on social media isn’t going to portray you as the ideal candidate for a new job role.

Spelling and grammar – This is particularly important with regards to professional social networks such as LinkedIn. Employers will be put off by bad spelling and incorrect grammar. Keep your profile professional and relevant to give a good impression.

Be aware of your privacy settings – Different social networks have different privacy settings so it’s a good idea to check to see if any of your social media activity is publicly visible. If you do wish to have you information accessible to everyone, be aware of what you post, what you like and share as well as what you are tagged in.

With social media becoming more integral to our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget that the information you post may be visible to anyone. Keep your social profiles as professional as possible when job hunting  and utilise them to showcase your personality and experience.


by Emma Schwartz